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Getting into Medical School Explained

Applying for medical school can be academically challenging for most students as UK universities look for students with both outstanding grade performances and academic interests in the field of medicine.  We have asked our medicine consultants the key to planning for an application for medical schools and summarised your preparation into 5 simple steps.

To ensure your application is competitive enough for UK universities, here are 5 steps to preparing your application:

  1. Academic Grades
  2. Exploration of Academic Interests
  3. Academic Research
  4. Admissions Tests (UCAT/BMAT)
  5. Interviews

Medicine Application (5 Steps)

1. Academic Grades

The first step is to ensure your grade predictions in DSE/IB/A-levels meet the minimum requirements of your target universities.  Most universities require an A*AA grade prediction (equivalent to 5*55 in your DSE electives.  A higher grade prediction will create advantages in your application but your overall application profile will be considered before an offer is made to you.

2. Exploration of Academic Interests

UK universities look for students who are academically inclined.  As such, students are typically required to spend 1-2 years researching into their areas of interests through internal and external activities.  Based on our experience, an outstanding personal statement involves the use of internal roles and responsibilities, external experiences, research opportunities, academic competitions and other practical experiences to showcase how determined you are in reading medicine.

3. Academic Research

Simply stating that you are passionate about medicine is insufficient.  Students should delve into an area within medicine and research into academic topics.  If you’re interested in DNA or immunology, you may consider looking into CAR-T cells or the principles and effects of different types of vaccinations.  With the guidance of a tutor/professor, you may better understand how academic theories are applied in practice and analyse the possibilities created by technological developments.

4. Admissions Tests

Your performance in admissions tests is key!  The UCAT and BMAT are used by most top universities in the UK to assess student applications.  You must make sure that your admissions test results meet the “cut-off” threshold of each university of your choice.  The UCAT covers logical reasoning and the BMAT involves sciences and mathematics questions (together with a written essay).

5. Interviews

With all the preparation above, you have created a competitive profile that will allow you to compete against the other top candidates in your year.  The final step is to perform your best during your interview.  Universities aim to confirm your academic background through interviews and raise questions relating to medical ethics.  This module will also be part of your undergraduate degree.

More Questions?

We know that applying for medicine is an important decision.  For this reason, we have prepared for all attendees a FREE “Complete Guide to Applying For Medicine” explaining everything you need to know about applying for medical schools including entry requirements, career progression, application timeline, external activity suggestions and UCAT/BMAT FAQs.  Additionally, attendees will be offered a 1-to-1 free consultation with our admissions specialists (valued at HK$1,000) in order to better understand your admissions plans.


Application for medical schools can be tough but if you have enough time, you may make use of external and internal activities to strengthen your profile.  Grades always come first, but your academic insights and experiences determine the outcome of your application.

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Date :11 September, 2021Time :13:00 – 14:00Location :ZoomPresented by: Jane Ho - The University of Hong Kong, Medicine (MBBS); Brighton CollegeFee :Free


日期 :11/9/2021時間 :13:00 - 14:00地點 :Zoom主講:Jane Ho - The University of Hong Kong, Medicine (MBBS); Brighton College費用 :全免

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