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Upcoming Events

Webinar – UK University Psychology Admissions
講座 – 英國大學 考入心理學系

Studying Psychology at top UK universities is more difficult than you think. This Saturday (23/01), our consultant Tiffanie will breakdown you everything you need to know in applying for Psychology from her own experiences. Get the most comprehensive guidance on your application and the top tips to securing an offer from the top universities in the UK.

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申請英國心理學系比一般社會學科更難!今個星期六 (23/01),UNIKEY顧問Tiffanie會進行線上直播,以親身經歷分享申請英國心理學系要注意的所有重點,為大家提供最全面的申請指導及貼士,幫助學生爭取英國高排名大學的offer!


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Webinar – UK Medical School Admissions
講座 – 英國大學 考入醫學系

UCAS 2021: UK Medical School Admissions Webinar

Getting into Medical School is probably more difficult than Oxbridge. This Saturday (12 January 2020), our consultants will breakdown for you everything you need to know to get into Medical School. Get the most comprehensive guidance on your application and the top tips to securing an offer from the best Medical Schools in the UK.

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[Live] 2021 UCAS聯招 : 英國醫學系申請講座



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New Year Taster UK Admissions Consultation (18 Dec – 16 Jan)

This New Year, UNIKEY will provide an exclusive taster programme for students who want to experience intensive preparation guidance to their UK university application. Our expert consultants will explain to you the top strategies for applying to Oxbridge and London 4 universities (LSE, IC, UCL, KCL). You can get the latest insights and tips on how to get into top universities at our office or through just 1 click at home (Zoom/Skype).

What is included :

  • 2 hours of academic consultation (3 meetings)
  • 3 reading materials + discussion and review
  • 1 guaranteed academic course
  • 2 ECA recommendations (Internal + External)
  • Work opportunity guidance

Early Bird Discount*: HKD 1,500 (18 Dec – 9 Jan)
Trial Price: HKD 2,000 (10 Jan -16 Jan)

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Past Events

UCAS Application UNIKEY Insight Weekend

This December, we are hosting our UK Admissions Insight Weekends, providing 30-min consultation sessions with our Oxbridge experts! Our consultation sessions will offer you our top strategies to maximise your chance of getting admitted to top universities in the UK. You will have in-depth discussions with our expert consultants on your academic background, profile building and future career endeavours.

What you will get :

  • 30 minutes face to face consultation with our Academic Consultants
  • UCAS Application Guidance
  • Personal Statement Guidance
  • Admissions Test and Interview Tips


  • 30分鐘一對一英國大學申請諮詢環節
  • UCAS申請指導
  • 個人陳述指導
  • 入學試及入學面試技巧

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Oxbridge Admissions Seminar
– UK G5 Universities Application Guide
– 英國G5大學申請指導講座

The Oxbridge Admissions Seminar will be held by UNIKEY G5 academic consultants on 14th November to help students to understand the preparation strategies in their applications. UNIKEY admissions team will provide professional and comprehensive guidance on UCAS, admissions tests and interview preparation.

What you will get :

  •  UCAS Application Guidance and G5 Universities’ Entry Requirements
  • Oxbridge Preparation Insights (Personal Statement, Admissions Tests and Interview Preparation)
  • 30 minutes face to face consultation with our Academic Consultants


  • UCAS申請指南及G5大學收生要求
  • 牛津劍橋升學攻略(個人陳述、筆試及面試準備)
  • 30分鐘一對一英國大學申請諮詢

Our Success Stories :

  • University of Cambridge
  • University of Oxford
  • Imperial College London (IC)
  • The London School of Economics and Political Sciences (LSE)
  • University College London (UCL)
  • King‘s College London (KCL)


  • 劍橋大學
  • 牛津大學
  • 倫敦帝國學院(IC)
  • 倫敦政治經濟學院(LSE)
  • 倫敦大學學院(UCL)
  • 倫敦國王學院(KCL)

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March 2020: UK Universities Seminar

Oxford and Cambridge can be competitive but there are also other prestigious universities in the UK!

In this seminar, we will hear from Imperial College London, King’s College London and University of Warwick graduates who will be sharing their insights into UK education and academic and career opportunities available to them!

雖然牛津劍橋的競爭力很大,但英國頭10名牌大學依然可以係你的升學選擇!今次我們邀請到Imperial College London, King’s College London and University of Warwick等畢業生分享他們的海外經歷以及學業和事業上的種種機會。

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2020 UK Admissions Seminar

The 2020 UK Admissions Seminar is designed to provide comprehensive information about the application process for UK universities. We will have speakers from top-tier universities, including the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge to discuss what it takes to enter one of these higher education institutions.

今次的英國升學講座以線上形式進行,透過live stream直接同家長和同學互動。講座主要內容包括準備牛津、劍橋或其他倫敦大學申請需要注意的事項。同時UNIKEY的導師亦會即時解答大家對於背景提升或入學試的種種難題。


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