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English Critical Thinking Course

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English Critical Thinking Course

Course Overview

Our English Critical Thinking Course trains students key academic skills in reading, writing, debating and critical thinking. Students enrolled in the course will learn developing topics of science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics.

Course Duration: 2 hours every week for 7 weeks

English Critical Thinking Course is suitable for:

  • Students who seek to improve academic skills in English
  • High achievers who wish to apply for international schools
  • Young scientists who have strong interests in science topics
  • Students who want to improve their performance in GCSE, IB or A-levels
  • Students aiming to get into top UK/US universities

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Course Details

Students will be required to read academic materials and write different types of essays to analyse controversial and developing topics. Students will be asked to debate on ethical/philosophical questions.


Astronomy and Physics
Sustainability and Biodiversity
Neuroscience and Psychology


Blockchain Technology
Artificial Intelligence
Brain development and Digitalisation
Nanotechnology and Cancer

Mathematics and Engineering

3D Printing
Design and Manufacturing
Materials and Structures

Arts and Humanities

English Literature
Global Affairs
International Politics

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