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IELTS Training Course

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IELTS Training

Our IELTS Training Course is a 1-to-1 tailored programme designed for all students requiring the IELTS score to meet their conditional offers for university or boarding school places. We focus on guiding students polish their English skills according to the IELTS examination requirements.

A Word From our Experts

“Most students have the prerequisite English skills to do well in the IELTS exam. The key is to learn to think and answer questions in a structured and concise manner. The services we provide here can dramatically improve your English proficiency and make you a more confident candidate for the university of your dream”

– Joshua Hu (MLF, Oxford))

IELTS Breakdown


IELTS listening can come across as the most difficult section of the IELTS test since the listening materials are only played once and various accents will be played. Students need to learn how to maintain their concentration, how to take notes effectively and how to navigate through daily as well as academic topics.


IELTS reading passages are usually lengthy and often cover complicated academic topics. However, if students understand the structure of passages, answers can be easily found without having to memorise advanced vocabulary. We teach students how to spend half their time and get correct answers to the reading section.


IELTS writing tasks test on students’ abilities to interpret data and graphs and students’ capabilities to delve deeper into controversial sociological issues. For both tasks, students need to learn to write in a structured manner. This will ensure that students provide a clear flow of ideas and present well-rounded arguments when completing the writing tasks during the test.


Many students are nervous about IELTS speaking since students are not only required to interact with the examiner but also required to have the ability to express opinions on a broad range of topics. IELTS speaking topics can vary from test to test and it is essential for students to prepare for as many topics as possible before their attempts at the actual tests.

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