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Admissions Consulting

Your Academic Success Starts Here:

UK Admissions

Undergraduate Admissions

In the past five years, our academic advisors have helped more than 300 students to reach their UK and US university goals. All of our advisors have personally undergone the same application processes, and will be able to share first-hand experiences with our students. By knowing every step of the application process by heart, our teams can focus on improving the academic knowledge and skills of our students so as to make them more competitive candidates in the eyes of the admissions officers.

A Word From Our Experts

“The undergraduate application is one of the most competitive applications out there. Students need to prepare far in-advance and create a profile that is compelling and convincing. Students also need to diligently look into university courses and programmes that best-match their capabilities and interests. This is not an easy process, and we are happy to provide professional support at every step of the way.”

John Cheung, Head of Admissions

Our Success Stories: 100% Success Rate

Universities in the UK heavily focus on the academic achievements of potential candidates. Hence, students must prepare in advance, from the course selection process to the admissions test preparations, to have a comprehensive and strategic plan. Through our 1-to-1 consultation services, our academic advisors will help students and parents fully understand what it takes to enter these top universities and help students reach their dream subjects.

Academic Course
Selection Strategy

University Selection

Admissions Profile

Admissions Strategy

Extracurricular Planning

Internship Applications
and Preparations

Personal Statement
Guidance and Drafting

Letter Guidance and Drafting

Admissions Test

Interview Preparations

Ongoing Guidance

Scholarship and
Award Applications

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