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A-Level Pathway Programme

Academic Courses

Our team of tutors are trained to provide the best support for students in GCSE, A-Levels, IBMYP, and IBDP. All of our classes are conducted one-on-one to ensure quality and effectiveness. All of our tutors are top graduates from world-class UK and US universities, including Oxford, Cambridge, LSE and many more.


UNIKEY Academy’s A-Level Pathway Programme is designed for students looking for an alternative pathway to their desired university programmes in the UK (UCAS), Hong Kong (non-JUPAS), and overseas. The GCE A-Levels is an internationally recognised academic qualification at the secondary level. Our classes are designed to create a learning environment that will truly benefit the academic and personal development of our students.

The A-Level Pathway Programme is suitable for:

HKDSE Takers

Students who are enrolled in the final two years of a senior secondary curriculum (e.g. HKDSE, IBDP) and find it is not the most suitable for their academic interests or strengths.

Secondary School Graduates

Students who have graduated from secondary school and may have just missed the grade or minimum requirements to pursue further studies at their desired universities and who wish to explore an alternative route that will qualify them to reapply.

Aspiring GCSE Graduates

High achieving students who have just completed their GCSE or equivalent examinations and would like to accelerate their progression to university undergraduate level.

Aspiring HK Students

Students who are in the HKDSE programme that wish to have an additional qualification for non-JUPAS or international applications for university entrance.


Students taking the A-Level Pathway Programme are required to select any 3 subjects from the following courses:

Science Mathematics Humanities and
Social Science
Mathematics electives: Statistics,
Mechanics, Further Pure, Decision
Further Mathematics

Law, History
Physical Chemistry
Mathematics electives: Statistics, Mechanics, Further Pure Mathematics, Decision Mathematics, Further Mathematics
Economics, Business, Law, History

Programme Details

Students in the A-Level Pathway Programme will gain invaluable exposure to the UK education system and style of teaching that guides the students’ learning. These essential skills will help our students continue to excel in their university environments and allow them to have a head-start.

Guided & Structured Learning: Our dedicated teachers have experience in teaching students from various local (DSE) and international schools (IB, GCE, AP) and understand how to leverage on students’ knowledge and guide them to achieve top performance in examinations. The modular nature of IAL exams allows for a smart scheduling of exams that reflects the learning progress of each and every student. This allows for maximum efficiency and performance in revision while minimizing stress from examinations.

Study Hours: the programme can be completed in a minimum of one academic year. As a guide, each course requires 150 hours of combined in-class and self-study time. The nature of the programme also offers flexibility on how the hours are allocated depending on the students’ backgrounds and competence.

Admissions Services: With over 300 offers from top universities around the world, our counselling team will assist students’ applications to prestigious programs in Hong Kong and the UK. Our team will support students through the process of managing admissions tests (BMAT, UKCAT, LNAT, TAS, etc), securing interview offers as well as impressing their interviewers during their visits to colleges.

Sample Curriculum (For students who have not studied the A-Levels)

Module 1:
Pure Maths


Algebra and functions 5 Hours
Coordinate geometry 4 Hours
Sequences and series 4 Hours
Trigonometry 13 Hours
Exponential and logarithms 7 Hours
Differentiation 8.5 Hours
Integration 13 Hours
Numerical methods 4.5 Hours
Vectors 6 Hours



Module 2:


Statistical Sampling 4 Hours
Data presentation 7 Hours
Probability 3.5 Hours
Statistical distribution 5.5 Hours
Statistical hypothesis testing 6 Hours



Module 3:

Academic Tutoring Unit

Kinematics 5.5 Hours
Forces and Newton’s Laws 7.5 Hours
Moments 1 Hours