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STEAM Courses: Learn “Outside” of Textbooks

February 22, 2022 -
By unikey
STEAM Courses: Learn “Outside” of Textbooks

Studies suggest out that 4 out of 5 of STEAM college students (78%) started learning STEAM at high school or even earlier. Are STEAM courses mandatory in this day and age?

What is STEAM?

STEAM education integrates the interdisciplinary knowledge of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics, and cultivates students’ creativity, problem-solving and cognitive ability through the application of various knowledge.

The Rise of STEAM courses

Students in the past decade have devote their extra-curricular activities learning STEM-related topics involving technology, coding, engineering - and many other developing concepts that applies to their generation. Most of these students with inter-disciplinary perspectives have benefits academically and excelled in their careers. But STEM was no longer enough. The “A” in STEAM which represents broader aspects of “Arts” create an all-rounded individual with strong prospects. STEAM courses have now been introduced to institutions and educators around the world have sought to include experimental exercises in their own curriculums.

STEAM Skills Examples

  1. Statistics
  2. Problem-Solving
  3. Creativity
  4. Argumentation
  5. Intellectual Curiosity
  6. Data-Driven Decision Making
  7. Flexible and Critical Thought Processing

What Else?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, STEAM-related occupations are growing at 8 percent, with a median annual income of $86,980. In comparison, non-STEAM occupations grew by 3.4%, with a median annual income of $39,810.

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