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From our Founder and CEO:

“We’re building a team of professionals that will reshape the industry”

At UNIKEY ACADEMY, we’re putting customization, affordability, and professionalism at the center of how we help our students with their academic dreams. By creating scale and volume, we are building one of the most innovative education consultancy in the Greater China region. If you are interested in pursuing a career in a company of determined individuals, this is the place you want to be. We are building a team of professionals that will completely reshape the education industry and help more students from all types of backgrounds to achieve the “impossible”.


Making a Difference

With more students than ever from Hong Kong and the rest of China that seek overseas education experiences, the demand for bridging services has increased proportionally as well. These services are necessary because traditional education systems in Hong Kong and mainland China are not always conducive to developing creativity and critical-thinking skills, important aspects that are crucial for higher education in the UK and the US. By introducing international and up-to-date education philosophies and methods, we are able to help students develop analytical and critical-thinking skills that are essential for their university studies.



Our Mission:
To deliver the most comprehensive, customised and strategic academic services at the most reasonable fee-levels.

Our Vision:
Create overseas education opportunities for every student in the Greater China region.

UNIKEY ACADEMY is an education consultancy founded by top UK and US graduates. We deliver strategic and effective admissions and academic services to students in Hong Kong and the Greater China region with the mission of helping students reach their dream universities. With more than 300+ students as successful cases, we are truly experienced with helping all types of cases. We believe in delivering services that can transform our students.


We are looking for:

Admissions Consultants (Full-time)
Admissions Consultants form the key part of our business, creating value and services for our students. Some of your responsibilities will include:

  • Providing expert advice and guidance on UK, US, or HK university admissions;
  • Providing substantive guidance on personal statement, essay, scholarship, and competition-writing guidance;
  • Creating innovative ways to help students learn and grow; and
  • Providing academic tutoring and interview preparations.

Administrative Support (Full-time)
Our administrative support staff help the business operate smoothly and deliver the support our Admissions Consultants and Academic Tutors need to do their jobs. Your responsibilities will include:

  • Working on marketing strategies and marketing materials;
  • Handling student and tutor accounts;
  • Provide business administrative work; and
  • Provide support services so that our Consultants and Tutors can focus on helping our students.

Managerial and Business Development (Full-time)
For experienced managers and business development associates, we need your help to grow the business and make our services more innovative and user-friendly. We are a young company and is continually looking for talents that can reshape our services. Your responsibilities will include:

  • Directing the overall strategy of the company;
  • Providing innovative ideas that can improve our services;
  • Managing the finances and business developments of the company; and
  • Managing the overall operations of the company.

Academic Tutors (Part-time)
Our Academic Tutors help our students both academically and intellectually. We are constantly looking for qualified tutors and teachers that are passionate about teaching, and are knowledgeable about their respective fields. We are looking for tutors that can teach subjects in the following curriculums:

  • IB Diploma Program
  • GCE A-levels and GCSE
  • SAT Subject Tests

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