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Joe Biden Planning to Reverse Trump Policies

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Just a few days away from Joe Biden’s inauguration, his plans to combat against the global pandemic, economic downturn and political instability are starting to surface. Here’s everything we can expect beginning 20 January 2021.

What policies will Biden introduce?

Covid: Wearing masks will become mandatory across the country. Biden also intends to spend much more on vaccination in order to accelerate plans of nationwide vaccination. Race and inclusion: Biden expressed the need to address racial discrimination and plans to implement policies such as fair lending and fair housing protections for all. US economy: A 2.5 trillion stimulus plan is promised to help recover the economy through directly subsidising small businesses and households. Those eligible will be issued US$1,400 stimulus cheques as early as mid-February 2021. Minimum wages will be raised and the Trump tax cuts will be reversed. Climate change: The US may re-enter the Paris Agreement and commit to cutting carbon emissions. Biden expects US to be running on “clean electricity” by 2035. Travel ban: Trump policy on travel ban will be rescinded and borders will open for Muslim-majority countries.

Difficult times

As the 46th US President to sworn into office, Biden faces a nation, separated, and in distress. We can expect his inauguration speech to address and ameliorate the nation’s political differences to those who voted for him and those who didn’t. Being one of the most momentous speech of Biden’s political career, optimism and unity will be stressed. Biden will face challenges as a president who takes office in (probably) the most difficult times. To learn more about this, visit: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-55694415

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