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Past event

Psychology – Information Week
心理學系 – 升學咨詢週

心理學不單單是坊間所知道的九型人格, MBTI等心理測驗, 而是一門以科學角度對人類於思考和感受等行為及決定上作研究, 從而解釋社會上的現象。心理學家以數據和生物學等作工具去分析各種事件, 有見及此心理學能應用於不用的專業範疇上, 例如: 市場營銷, 人力資源, 教育, 社會安全等等, 可謂一門對社會非常有貢獻的學問。

UNIKEY Academy 為你們精心準備了富資訊性的升學咨詢週,當中包括線上講座、一對一針對性咨詢、以及自我陳述和推薦信的講解。希望為令你們對英國心理學系申請擁有最全面的了解。


Psychology covers both biology and empirical research. From the study of neurology to social phenomenon, psychology as a degree trains students with research and analytical skills relevant to businesses such as consulting, marketing, human resources etc.

UNIKEY will be hosting a Engineering Information Week which includes a webinar and a 1-to-1 personalised guidance on Personal Statement and Reference Letter. Want to know everything about applying for Engineering and how to get offers from top law schools?


Event Details

Date :31 July, 2021Time :11:00 – 12:00Location :ZoomPresented by: Miss Tiffanie Pang, King’s College London (MSc Psychiatry Research, BSc Psychology)Fee :Free


日期 :31/07/2021時間 :11:00 – 12:00地點 :Zoom主講:Miss Tiffanie Pang, King’s College London (MSc Psychiatry Research, BSc Psychology)費用 :全免

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