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Law – Information Week
法律學系 – 升學咨詢週

法律系 – 大眾都認為是一門”難入難出”的的科目。入讀法學院不但需要有好的公開試成績,也要求擁有一定水平的英語能力,再經過大學入學試的考驗;至於成為一名律師,在大學生涯中需熟讀經典案例和背誦不少相關法律,而畢業後更要經過執業試和實習的洗禮才能開始工作。但為什麼還是有那麼多人想要考入法學院呢?申請入讀英國法學院又需要注意什麼?律師樓又會如何篩選英國回流畢業生?

UNIKEY Academy 為你們精心準備了富資訊性的升學咨詢週,當中包括線上講座、一對一針對性咨詢、以及自我陳述和推薦信的講解。希望為令你們對英國法律學系申請擁有最全面的了解。


Law is known as one of the most competitive subjects at undergraduate level. Other than academic grades, your application and admissions test results will also be crucial.  A career in law can be challenging, lawyers are required to analyse case law and provide legal advice. Before becoming a qualified lawyer, you must also complete additional qualifications and work experiences. What makes law attractive as a subject and a career? Do law firms and barrister chambers prefer UK graduates?

UNIKEY will be hosting a Law Information Week which includes a webinar and a 1-to-1 personalised guidance on Personal Statement and Reference Letter. Want to know everything about applying for law and how to get offers from top law schools?


Event Details

Date :10 July, 2021Time :11:00 – 12:00Location :ZoomPresented by: Mr. John Cheung, King’s College London, Law(LLB), Concord CollegeFee :Free


日期 :10/07/2021時間 :11:00 – 12:00地點 :Zoom主講:Mr. John Cheung, King’s College London, Law(LLB), Concord College費用 :全免

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