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A Complete Guide to UK Boarding Schools: Application Preparation

Preparing for UK Boarding Schools can be a competitive process and most parents are worried about how students may best plan ahead for admissions tests and interviews.  In this webinar, we explain everything you need to know about the entry requirements for top UK Boarding Schools.  To help you understand the application strategies behind UK Boarding School admissions processes, our UK graduates explain how the UKiset, ISEB, interview assessment and profile enhancements may affect your child’s upcoming admissions plans.

Want to know how traditional Boarding Schools assess student applications?

To get into traditional UK Boarding School, students should prepare for the following:

  1. Admissions Tests (UKiset, ISEB and subject tests)
  2. Interview Assessments
  3. Profile Building

3 Things to Prepare for Your UK Boarding School Application

1. Admissions Tests

Most UK Boarding Schools require students to take the UKiset as an entry requirement. The UKiset is similar to aptitude tests used by large corporations in recruitment processes and includes (i) Verbal Reasoning, (ii) Non-verbal Reasoning, (iii) Mathematics and (iv) English Reading.  Among these sections, most students struggle with Verbal and Non-verbal Reasoning as the exam questions are not taught at primary or secondary schools. To aim for a high school in UKiset, student should become familiarised with the question types involved in the UKiset and train their exam techniques when completing the computerised test.

The ISEB is used by traditional Boarding Schools as part of their admissions process.  Similar to the UKiset, the ISEB also covers (i) Verbal Reasoning, (ii) Non-verbal Reasoning, (iii) Mathematics, and (iv) English Reading. However, the question types and exam techniques are slightly different from the UKiset.

Finally, once Boarding Schools decide to proceed on student applications, applicants may be required to take admissions tests based on their selected subjects for GCSE, IB or A-levels.  The difficulty of these admissions tests depends on the school you have applied for the subjects chosen.

2. Interview Assessments

Each Boarding School has their own Interview Assessments.  For example, Tonbridge requires students to take an individual assessment and a group assessment covering questions regarding social issues, scientific concepts, technological developments and morality.  The key is to assess student’s logical thinking and critical thinking.  When participating in a group assessment, taking initiative is key but it is equally important to acknowledge other students’ views and express your thoughts accordingly.

3. Profile Building

Other than academic results, competitive Boarding Schools look for students with an all-rounded background.  While students may train for admissions tests and interviews, profile enhancement requires time and dedication to extra-curricular activities to demonstrate a student’s interest in a particular field.  For instance, parents may encourage students to attend university courses, academic competitions and other external activities during term breaks to showcase their academic skills and strengths.

More Questions?

We know that applying for UK Boarding Schools is an important decision.  For this reason, we have prepared for all attendees a 1-to-1 free consultation with our admissions specialists (valued at HK$1,000) in order to better understand your admissions plans.  All attendees will be provided a full consultation report with our suggested Boarding School choices and application timeline, providing you with everything you need to know about your child’s admissions plans.


Application for UK Boarding Schools is not just about academic grades.  Parents should better prepare students with academic skills to perform their best in admissions tests and interviews and make use of term breaks to build their interests across different fields.  Grades is just a prerequisite.  Your profile matters.

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Date :25 September, 2021Time :11:00 - 12:00Location :ZoomPresented by: John Cheung – Head of AdmissionsFee :Free


日期 :25/09/2021時間 :11:00 - 12:00地點 :Zoom主講:John Cheung – Head of Admissions費用 :全免

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