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A Complete Guide to UK Boarding Schools: Admissions Timeline

How important is deciding your year of entry?  How does missing application deadlines affect your choices?  We have heard from most parents how frustrated they may be for missing key deadline.  In fact, having clear understanding of the application timeline is one of the most important preparation you may need to help you child apply for UK Boarding Schools.  In this webinar, we gather the insights from top graduates to explain to you how you may increase your chances of getting into a top UK Boarding School.

Want to know how traditional Boarding Schools assess student applications? Learn more about the 3 important tips now!

3 Tips to Planning your UK Boarding School Application Timeline

1. Year of Entry

The first step is to understand which year of entry will suit your child.  Whether it is Year 9, Year 10 or Year 12, each entry year has its benefits.  For example, Year 9 students get to explore more of UK education, Year 10 students may experience completing the GCSE and Year 12 students typically have a very specific university goal.  This decision should be based on your child’s academic background and how he/she is doing at school.  Speak to our consultants to learn more.

2. Application Preparation

Each Boarding School has their own application timeline.  Traditional Boarding Schools require students to register 3-5 years in advance whereas modern Boarding Schools only require students to register 1 year in advance.  A longer preparation period means that traditional Boarding School will assess student’s overall academic and personal background and require applicants to take entrance assessment before the interview stage.

3. Admissions Test Preparation

In our previous webinar, we discussed about the details of different admissions tests.  The expiry date of the UKiset and ISEB means that parents have to be aware of when these exams are taken and make sure the application timeline is managed properly.  According to our experience, to get a top score for these assessments, students are required to spend around 6-12 months preparing and training for the relevant sections.  If the Boarding School you are applying for also requires a subject test (which will be based on your subject choice), you should also plan ahead to accommodate for academic training either in GCSE or A-levels to ensure a high score.

More Questions?

We know that applying for UK Boarding Schools is an important decision.  For this reason, we have prepared for all attendees a 1-to-1 free consultation with our admissions specialists (valued at HK$1,000) in order to better understand your admissions plans.  All attendees will be provided a full consultation report with our suggested Boarding School choices and application timeline, providing you with everything you need to know about your child’s admissions plans.


Deciding on your child’s year of entry will directly affect your application plans.  You should consider how UK Boarding Schools may enhance your academic skills and plan out your application strategy.  Make use of the time you have to develop skills in entrance assessments.  Plan ahead for better results.

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Date :2 October, 2021Time :11:00 - 12:00Location :ZoomPresented by: John Cheung – Head of AdmissionsFee :Free


日期 :02/10/2021時間 :11:00 - 12:00地點 :Zoom主講:John Cheung – Head of Admissions費用 :全免

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