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Past event

2020 UK Admissions Seminar

The 2020 UK Admissions Seminar is designed to provide comprehensive information about the application process for UK universities. We will have speakers from top-tier universities, including the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge to discuss what it takes to enter one of these higher education institutions.

今次的英國升學講座以線上形式進行,透過live stream直接同家長和同學互動。講座主要內容包括準備牛津、劍橋或其他倫敦大學申請需要注意的事項。同時UNIKEY的導師亦會即時解答大家對於背景提升或入學試的種種難題。


Event Details

Date :29 February, 2020Time :2:30pm - 4:30pmLocation :LIVE STREAM

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