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Choose a major without worrying about the future | 2022 popular colleges in the UK, which one is the most in your heart?

March 25, 2022 -
By unikey

The higher education institutions in the UK have a well-established education system and high academic qualifications. They have always been the evergreen trees in the field of higher education, attracting batches of Hong Kong students over the years. Students learn knowledge in a gentleman's country with a strong cultural atmosphere, improve their personal comprehensive ability, and make all-round preparations for the subsequent entry into society.

When applying for a British university, you not only need to consider the QS world ranking of the school, but each school usually has its own advantageous majors. With the evolution of the times and the development of society, where is the market trend today? Which major is the most popular?

The Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) in the United Kingdom announced earlier on February 18 the statistics on undergraduate admissions in the UK for the 2021 academic year (as of January 29), covering applicants including age , gender, school application and other different characteristics.

The editor has carefully sorted out the most popular majors for studying in the UK in the past year. Let’s see if there is any that appeal to you.


Popular majors for further studies in the UK

Popular colleges for further studies in the UK

According to UCAS official data, as of January 29, the 2021 academic year, British universities have received 616,360 applications from all over the world, and the popularity of studying abroad during the epidemic has not declined but increased, an increase of 8.45% compared to 2020. Among the countless applications, there are several majors that occupy the top of the list with a large score. Among them, the top 6 popular majors that are most popular with Hong Kong students are:

  1. Medicine-related disciplines: Faculty of Medicine: 384,050 + Biological Sciences: 285,690
  2. Business: 309,740
  3. Engineering: 154,970
  4. Law: 143,940
  5. Computer Science: 129,610
  6. Architecture: 46,980
1. Medicine-related subjects + Biosciences
The fields of medicine-related subjects are very wide, including medicine, dentistry, physiotherapy, etc., and have been occupying the top of the list of popular universities in the UK for many years. Medicine is a major that many people yearn for, not only the graduate employment rate is as high as 89.7%, but also the degree is certified by many Commonwealth countries.

Since its establishment, the British Medical School has maintained the tradition of elite education. It can be said that it is the major with the most stringent admission requirements, and the proportion of international students is only about 7%. Most schools will require additional medical test scores, such as “UK Medical Admission Test UCAT (UK Clinical Aptitude test)”, ” Biomedical Admission Test BMAT (Biomedical Admission Test)” and so on.

According to the relevant regulations of UCAS, applying students can only apply for 4 medical schools under the UCAS system, so students often choose the “4+1 application method”, and most students will choose 4 medical schools + 1 biomedical school ( Biomedical Sciences). If the student chooses the physical therapy direction, the major can be filled in all 5 schools.

Biological sciences cover a wide range of specialties related to the study of living organisms and the science behind “life”, examining and studying the morphology, structure, chemical and physical characteristics of organisms, their interrelationships, environments and diseases. As of February 7, 2022, the UK has a total of 1,530 bioscience companies with a total of 63,900 employees. The industry level and scale far exceed those of other European countries. It is also a very popular choice for Hong Kong students and parents.

Although medical schools and biological sciences generally have higher admission requirements, each school also has its own focus. For example, some focus on normal scores, while others focus on UCAT scores or interviews. Students should do sufficient consultation and investigation before applying for a specific school. Information collation work in order to show each school its own strengths in a targeted manner.

Medical related disciplines:

  • Employment orientation: Most graduates choose to become doctors or medical staff after graduation
  • Related courses: Biology, Biomedical Engineering, Molecular Biology, etc.
  • Advantageous institutions: Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial, UCL, KCL, etc.
  • Employment orientation: health sciences, clinical research, pharmacy, biotechnology, education, etc.
  • Relevant courses: Medicine and Health Studies, Dentistry, Nutrition, etc.
  • Advantage schools: Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial, UCL, KCL, etc.
2. Business (Economics, Accounting & Finance, Business Administration)

The UK has a developed financial industry and an open economic environment. It is the place where the concept of business management emerged earlier in the world, and it is also one of the world’s important financial centers. Under the current global economic system, business talents are an indispensable role in the world. Business departments have broad employment prospects and can seek development in almost any industry.

For Hong Kong, which is the freest economy in the world, and whose financial services industry accounts for nearly 20% of Hong Kong’s economy, business is an ideal major for many students. Generally speaking, the order of preference for Hong Kong students to apply is Economics, Accounting & Finance, and Business Management.

The business world is ever-changing and ever-changing, but as long as you master the elite business thinking ability, you can be invincible in any era. The business administration major of British University aims to cultivate all-round practical world business talents. The college attaches great importance to the combination of theory and practice, and teaches students how to deeply understand the financial market through classroom case analysis and lecturer analysis. Students can hone their social, creative, and communication skills in real-world situations, and lay a solid foundation for their future formal entry into the business world.

  • Employment orientation: investment banking, traditional banking, private equity funds, technology industry, administrative services, etc.
  • Related courses: Engineering, Computer Science, Mathematics, MORSE, etc.
  • Advantageous institutions: Oxford, Cambridge, LSE, UCL, KCL, etc.
3. Engineering
The United Kingdom is recognized as an established industrial power in the world. The engineering discipline has a long history, a mature system, and a forward-looking vision. Through the inter-professional combination of mathematics, science, business, etc., students develop new products or facilities that may be needed by the future society, and continue to push the times forward. Studying engineering disciplines in the UK is tantamount to standing on the shoulders of giants and looking at the world, helping students leap over the dragon gate on the basis of their own.
The United Kingdom is recognized as an established industrial power in the world. The engineering discipline has a long history, a mature system, and a forward-looking vision. Through the inter-professional combination of mathematics, science, business, etc., students develop new products or facilities that may be needed by the future society, and continue to push the times forward. Studying engineering disciplines in the UK is tantamount to standing on the shoulders of giants and looking at the world, helping students leap over the dragon gate on the basis of their own.
  • Employment orientation: civil engineer, electronic engineer, quantity surveyor, building control surveyor, etc. (engineering graduates can also join the financial industry)
  • Relevant courses: civil engineering, mechanical engineering, aerospace, electrical and electronic engineering, energy, etc.
  • Advantageous institutions: Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial, UCL, etc.
4. Law
Law is related to almost every field of human life. Students not only need to learn law-related knowledge in the classroom, but also need to study politics, economics, business, people’s livelihood and other courses. Therefore, law graduates also have broad employment prospects. Talents that the industry is vying to invite.
Compared with other majors, one of the advantages of the law major is that the choice of middle school subjects is relatively loose. However, it should be noted that due to the logical and rigorous nature of its language, law majors have higher requirements on students’ English ability, especially English reading ability. For Hong Kong students whose native language is not English, if they want to apply for law-related majors, they need to improve their reading and thinking skills in order to better adapt to the future study and life in the UK.
  • Employment orientation: lawyers (solicitors, barristers), prosecutors, compliance industry, business consultants, etc.
  • Relevant courses: Law and Business, Law and Philosophy, PPL (Politics, Philosophy and Law), History, etc.
  • Advantageous institutions: Oxford, Cambridge, LSE, UCL, KCL, etc.
5. Computer Science
The UK has always been a world leader in the field of computer and information technology. For example, Alan Turing, who started printing on £50 in 2019, is well-known as the father of artificial intelligence in the world. During World War II, Alan Turing cracked the German military’s well-known puzzle machine encryption system “Enigma”, and the subsequent “Turing Model” proposed the logic operation foundation of modern computers. Apple founder Steve Jobs admires Alan Turing very much. It is rumored that the Apple Logo that Apple was bitten by is to commemorate Alan Turing who died of poisoned apples.

Artificial intelligence, big data, algorithms… Computer science and its related industries have gradually become an indispensable part of modern social life. These emerging concepts are applied to a wide range of industries, and subtly affect people’s lives and thinking patterns. Computer Science is an ideal choice for students who like to analyze and solve problems.

The British government attaches great importance to computer science, and the computer courses offered by universities have a wide coverage and strong practicality. Students can not only learn the systematic knowledge framework related to research, but also be able to practice real knowledge, independently design, and use technology to solve problems. Compared with other majors, computer science is more inclined to compound talents with STEM background. If you want to consider computer science, you need to prepare as soon as possible.

  • Employment orientation: game tester, information system management, IT project manager, software development, etc. (computer science graduates can also join the financial industry)
  • Related courses: Department of Mathematics, Information Systems, Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, etc.
  • Advantageous institutions: Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial, UCL, etc.
6. Architecture
Architecture is the beauty of the combination of art and science. These two points are closely integrated and complement each other. An excellent architectural work not only needs to meet the needs of practical application, but also serves the purpose of aesthetics. The direct employment rate of UK university graduates is 83.9%, and top students from all over the world gather here to exchange ideas and collide with sparks of creativity and inspiration.
If you are interested in applying to the Department of Architecture, please note that submitting a portfolio is part of the application requirements when applying for Architecture. Admissions officers not only measure students’ academic performance and personal statements, but also examine students’ artistic thinking, creativity, and logical ability from the content of their portfolios. Students can also include several manuscripts in their portfolios to demonstrate their sources of inspiration and critical thinking in their creative process. An excellent portfolio can greatly enhance the core competitiveness of students and stand out among the best.
  • Employment orientation: architects, building surveyors, landscape architects, urban planners, environmental consultants, etc.
  • Related courses: Architecture, Architecture, Landscape and Garden Design, Planning (urban, rural), etc.
  • Advantageous institutions: Cambridge, UCL, Bath, Loughborough, Cardiff, etc.

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