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Why Apply to UK Universities?

The UK continues to have some of the most successful and prestigious universities in the world. Apart from Oxbridge, London universities, such as LSE, King’s, and UCL are all world-renown universities academically and among employers. The rising Warwick Business School is also soon becoming one of the best business schools in Europe. Apart from schools in the US, the level of international exposure and expertise in UK universities are simply unrivalled elsewhere in the world.

  For students that are interested in the fields of economics or law, studying at some of the top British universities will give them the chance to work alongside leading scholars and participate in some of the most exciting new projects and researches.  

Apart from the academics, students studying in the UK will also gain necessary experiences in adapting to new environments, forcing them to be more independent. It is an experience that will build character and values that will prove successful in their professional lives.

Such excellent opportunities for academic and personal growths have not gone unnoticed around the world. For the academic year of 2017-2018, around 89 thousand applicants from mainland China and India applied to universities in the UK. From Hong Kong, as many as 6700 students applied in one year, many to the top universities in London and Oxbridge. This means that the competition for a place in the UK’s top universities have only become harder.

How Does the UK Admissions Process Work: An Overview

UCAS, short for Universities and Colleges Admissions Service, is a system that allows student applicants to apply to multiple universities in the UK through a simplified process. Through a single application via the online service, the applicant is able to reach up to five universities. Generally, the application window opens in late May for Fall admissions of the following year. For example, for the 2019 entry, the UCAS application window opened on the 22 May 2018. The application window ends around mid-January of each year. To use the 2019 entry again as an example, the application window closed on the 15 January 2019. However, there are also individual universities that have separate application deadlines for certain majors, for example the deadline for medicine and dentistry are generally around mid-October. Applicants are highly advised to reach consultants to plan ahead for meeting the deadline requirements.

One of the key components of the UCAS application is the personal statement. The Personal statement is 4000 characters and 47-lines long. These strict word-limits must be followed. The personal statement acts as the applicant’s most direct way of telling admissions officers why they are the right candidates for the university and the faculty. A personal statement, depending on its quality, could make or break an application. Thus, it is not an exaggeration to say that a candidate’s personal statement is the most important part of his application. To write a good personal statement is of the utmost importance.

A good personal statement should be able to convey clearly why you are applying to that specific major and why you are a good fit for that major. Sometimes, as an international student, it may also be a good idea to show why the student chose to study in the UK in the first place. An applicant has to show these through his/her academic records, interests, extracurricular activities, and other notable achievements. A good personal statement should be able to weave all these different aspects seamlessly while still maintaining a good structure, and showcase a great command of the English language.

Student-applicants should avoid cliché, exaggerated, and other over-the-top tropes that are sometimes endemic in the US application process. It is important to remember that the UK personal statement is an academically-oriented piece of writing. It should also go without saying that students should avoid plagiarism. Personal Statements are all checked for plagiarism, and students that have unusually similar statements may be declined by universities outright.

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